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English, EAL teacher who has more than 20 years of examination paper marking experiences
Has more than 30 years of teaching experiences
2020 GAT Exam Revision
Comprehensive exam preparation strategies for all three tasks within EAL exam
The type of questions that could be asked
DOs and DONTs
Sample essay will be analysed

EAL Exam Revision
MM Exam Revision

Limited Time

Maths Methods Coordinator at a school in Melbourne

Has written SAC paper for a number of years

Has done examination marking for many years

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2020 GAT Exam Revision Lecture
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2020 VCE Exam Series Seminars
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2020 EAL Exam Revision
1/10/2020 - 2/10/2020
2020 MM Exam Revision
1/10/2020 - 2/10/2020
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Course Introduction
VCE Year 11
Consolidate the Foundation
Maser the Methodology
Develop a  Good Habit
Fill the Shortcomings
Master the Methodology
Fill the Shortcomings
2020 VCE Exam Rocket Course
Consolidate the Foundation

Develop a Good Habit
VCE Year 12
Convergence of Knowledge
Aiming at the Problems
Individualized Adaptive Teaching
Review and Fill Knowledge Gap
The course can be divided according to content of the lessons, and students can choose the class mode according to their own learning circumstances. The course format is flexible, suitable for different level of learners to improve their learning ability.
"Foundation Consolidation + Modular Teaching"
Two-Pronged Approach
The course can be divided according to content of the lessons, and students can choose the class mode according to their own learning circumstances. The course format is flexible, suitable for different level of learners to improve their learning ability.
Foundation Consolidation

For learners who require consolidation of foundation, have a large deviation between subjects, they can focus on conducting more revisions. By revising to consolidate knowledge and reduce the deviation in between subjects.

Progressive Learners

For progressive learners, revision is the basis for mastering knowledge. Learners will also be developing good study habits, identifying and filling shortcomings, merging Knowledge, and solving problems.

Breakthrough Learners

For the breakthrough type of learners, while modular teaching helps them master the skills to consolidate their foundation. At the same time, they should strive and push for the next level of excellence in the subjects they are good at and breakthrough their learning “bottleneck”.

Course Systems: Two Modes of Delivery
Two Modes of Delivery: 1 to 1 Turtorship, 10-students Classroom Mode,  the course systems are similar, both delivery mode are designed to better accommodate the different learning needs of learners.
1 to 1 Tutorship

1 to 1 Turotship adopts the prominent master teacher teaching systems, standardized teaching instruction with personalized needs, cultivating efficient learning ability. Problem-targeted and oriented, always able to identify and fill shortcomings at first instance without leaving any unclarified questions. Carefully selected teachers to meet the needs for exam preparation. The foundation consolidation project is in progress now.

In a 10-students classroom, the teacher will conduct all kinds of tutoring according to the shortcomings of these 10 students. The class is composed of 10 students with similar states of learning and habits in a small classroom with an immersive interactive experience. It is an intelligent classroom with a higher level of attention, a better classroom atmosphere, and a more efficient way of learning.

10-Students Classroom
Leading by the most outstanding teachers, Target-oriented teaching, Improve learning ability
Professional and High-Quality Teaching Resources and Teacher Network to Guarantee the Maximum Effectiveness of your Learning!
Our Backbone Teaching and Researching Team
Over 5 years of experience in leading Year 12 classes,
faculty leaders of VCE Year 12 Subject or subject assessor
Outstanding Teaching Faculty Team
Strict selecting criteria while recruiting an i-Study teacher.
Exclusive Service System
Pre-Class Communication Group

Prior to the start of the class, the teacher will communicate with learners’ parents regarding learners’ study circumstances through WeChat. The teacher will also inform the parents about where and when the class will take place.

Study Resources Compilation

Provide a compilation and summarization of knowledge points, study instructions, and other relevant study materials that students can download and use at any time. In this way, they can enhance their study more in practice.

Pre-Class Planning

10 minutes before each class starts, the teacher will plan and consolidate the content of the previous class. To better understand students' level of understanding, and adjust the class accordingly when appropriate.

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